How does it work?

Welcome to the sforzando seven steps

Step #1.  Contact Us.

Tell us about your web design needs!  Use our Contact page or e-mail us at

Step #2. Complete Introductory Questionnaire.

We'll send you a list of questions so we know what you imagine for your website.

Step #3. Receive the Sforzando Flat Fee.

At Sforzando Designs, we believe that you should know how much your website will cost before we begin.  Based on your questionnaire answers, we'll calculate a fee for the website.  Basic factors that go into the fee include the size of the website, amount of content involved, time frame, special features like social media or RSS feeds, and maintenance requirements.

Step #4. Collaborate and Watch the Magic Unfold.

The next step is collaborative.  We will begin work on the website and ask for content as development progresses.  You provide content and feedback along the way. A beautiful website will appear before your very eyes!

Step #5. Pay the Sforzando Flat Fee.

You mail us a check with the flat fee that was calculated earlier.

Step #6. Launch.

Go live!

Step #7. Maintain Your Website with Sforzando's Personalized Support.

We'll hand over the reins to you.  We teach you how to edit and update your website, so you have full control.  Sforzando Designs remains in the background, always giving personalized support when you need it.