Vocal design for a vocal podcast


Excited Utterance, a podcast website, is an amazing example of how our work can be used by musicians, podcasters, or anyone wanting to share their voice with the world.  Podcasts are published weekly through an RSS feed and shared to iTunes and Google Play. The website is simple, polished, and easy to navigate.


Podcast Logo v5.png

A gateway to the future of scoring

FairScore is a revolutionary way to do moot court competition scoring using modern statistical techniques.  When FairScore's designers wanted to take their model public, Sforzando Designs collaborated with a computer programmer to create an elegant, easy-to-use portal for an external audience.



An well-appointed website for scheduling appointments


Feldenkrais Nashville used Sforzando Designs to create a website that had the ability to schedule appointments easily and efficiently. An amazing photo gallery shows photos from sessions, and a detailed About page tells the world about who they are.